Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back to the Garden

Garden of Weedin' - Ain't it the truth! I've spent the last 24 years planting, weeding, hauling mulch, digging and all other garden chores in our yard. Somehow, the passion has left me. I can remember when I would be out working in the yard before first light, and then in the evening have to turn on the outside lights to finish up the last little bit in the area I was working in. Perhaps I'm no longer enthusiastic about gardening because I've become so engrossed in quilting. Of course, years of drought and an onslaught of voles destroying collections of hostas probably has a great deal to do with it.

Still, I couldn't just let it all go, so outside I went yesterday and today. I was not loving the labor. It also seems to take a lot longer to get the garden chores done than it did years ago. Later today, after my shower and much needed ibuprofen, I took a stroll outside. Now I remember where that passion came from. The dogwoods have such a presence this time of year. Look at the Japanese Honeysuckle - what a joy!
The ajuuga, condytuft and creeping flox always help to brighten my spring garden. And the pansys will be giving off their splendid colors for several more weeks. And, of course, the whole area is alive with azaleas.
I felt the joy creep back in. Once again I was overwhelmed with the might of creation.
I'll definitely be out there working away again in the days to come. I'll pull weeds, fuss at the insects and be tickled when a new plant emerges or blooms begin to form. I won't work as quickly as I once did, and I won't get as much accomplished, but you can be sure that I'll be taking Ibuprofen aplenty!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Year

It's been two weeks since my birthday. I'm an April Fool baby. I think this is the first year in my many that an April Fool joke was not attempted, nor did I play any pranks. Very unusual indeed, but I was busy nursing my daughter following a successful surgery (recovered now, thankfully). She did bless me with this great pincushion. I love that it also hold thread, or whatever I choose, in the center. I immediately retired my old pincushion (that I've had since I was 16). How many years ago was that? I'm not telling! But I really don't mind the birthdays - as a good friend says, "It's better than the alternative!"

I've also been working on finishing up some projects. One was a word challenge that we did in a small quilt group I am privileged to be a part of. I've been wanting to try this method for some time - it is from Vikki Pignatelli's book, Quilting by Improvisation. I did use one of her patterns. My word - Dance. I love to dance and am sneaking up on my husband and I taking dance lessons. This star just seemed perfect. It was a challenge for me, but I really enjoyed it. I also finally used the BSR on my Bernina (my husband has been nagging me to do that since he gave it to me over a year ago). You can see the flame stitch I did in gold. Certainly not perfect, but not bad for a first try. It was fun too - especially once I got a rhythm going. And it feels soooo good to get something finished! I've two more quilts done - I'll post those later.