Sunday, August 10, 2008

Living Fully

I was recently in a small group study on Living Fully, Dying Well (I'll get to the second part another time). It made me realize that I tend to put too many things off for not very good reasons. So, this past weekend I planned a two day trip with two good friends to Floyd, Virginia. We stayed at the brand new Floyd Hotel which is a green facility and everything in our suite was handcrafted - bamboo floors, solid wood doors, original artwork on the walls, down comforters - an amazing treat.

What a great place! One in twelve residents in Floyd are artists or musicians! There were several galleries with wonderful artistic creations. There was also the Jacksonville Center for the Arts - a great art show and a place where you can take lessons in various mediums for a weekend or a week.

On Friday nights the town is filled with music. Musicians are on the street playing their fiddles, mandolins, guitars, etc. and the Country Store has a music show. The pleasant mountain air and great restaurants added to the pleasure of our two days. It's also a great place to find antiques at reasonable prices.

Having been in school last year I didn't do much other than study. I have come to fully appreciate that there is so much to do and enjoy, and especially enjoying it with good friends. I encourage all to Live Fully, and if you get the chance, do take a trip to Floyd, Virginia.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Joyful Task

My 95-year old mother in law "tasked" me with making her a lap quilt. I immediately bought the fabric and went to work. I just didn't like the results, so on a Friday, I bought more fabric. The goal was for it to be bright (her eyesight is no longer 100 percent) and to cover her lap to her toes. On Thursday I delivered it! Choosing batik fabrics was definitely the ticket. The best part was seeing how surprised and pleased she was. Definitely a chocolate moment!