Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tower of Storage

This is it! My Tower of Storage! I got to pick this out as my birthday gift from Ikea.  It's about 72" tall and holds an amazing amount of supplies. And yes, all the drawers have something in them, but all are not full - YET. One of the features I love is that each bin can pull out completely.  Very handy to pull out the paint bin and take to the work area I will be painting in.  Or a bin with fabric fat quarters that I can bring to my cutting table and work at picking and choosing.  I am going to label each bin and am pretty sure I have it organized the way  I want it.  There's also a solid top so I can store a couple of items up there that I don't need to reach for very often.  This new storage allowed me to eliminate a couple of other pieces in my studio area  which made it look neater  and less cluttered.   I admit, I am a bit of an organizational junky. Now maybe I'll get more sewing done!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Big 6 - 0 !

The moment of surprise.  Took me a moment to realize what in the world was going on!

I was just taking it all in and trying to not cry!

Me? Sixty?  How and when did that happen? My family made it the best day ever.It started out with Bob and I at Amelies, a really cool French bakery in Charlotte's arts' district.  We then hit a couple of furniture consignment shops and on to Ikea.  Now, that's a good husband! That's where I got my present, but I'll save that for another post.  The plan was to meet our kids at a nice restaurant in Mooresville.  I knew the hostess and we chatted all the way up the stairs to join the kids.  I turn the corner and there was a big "SURPRISE" shouted out by 8 of my favorite people. What a bunch of sneaks - I had absolutely no idea.  And what a great evening. Lots of laughter and fun.

And here we are my husband and I and our two great kids. They really pulled this one off. 
 I am so very blessed!