Saturday, September 27, 2008

2 Artist's Sites to View

I'd like to share two websites of 2 artists I so admire - their creativity and their persons. I have watched both of these women's creativity grow with growth spurts that resulted from tough times in their life. One with physical demands and both caring for elderly parents and both losing their beloved fathers. I firmly believe that all women possess creative talents. Although they may not paint, sculpt or sew, they perhaps set a beautiful table, play an instrument, plant a great garden, or write lovely notes. The list is endless. To see the talents realized, grasped and pursued, is a real joy.

Diane O'Malley, clay artist, has been a dear friend of my whole family for many years. She is "other mother" to my children. She has taken many workshops to help develop her technique and has a great eye for form. She is now offering classes, so if you've ever wanted to "play in clay," take a look at her site, seize the moment and sign up!

I met Jeanelle through the church I work at and she has been a blessing to know. Her jewelry creations are so unique. She marries semi-precious gemstones and wire in a way I have never seen before. I also love the way she honors her mother with a special element she adds to each piece, as she explaines on her website,
I hope you enjoy visiting with these two artists and Happy Creating!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Creative Again with Passion

Two weeks ago I attended the "Live & Bloom in Full Color" retreat in Blowing Rock where we did a mixed media project. This wasn't the type of project I would normally tackle, but it was fun being with 49 other creative ladies and I did learn much. It was also fun to be able to just sit and play with paints, glue, dyes and so very much more!

After coming home I had surgery, and while recuperating I completed the project - boy that felt good! Basically, this is a decorated box turned "bird house" (see the nest in the attic?). Inside hangs a book.

My theme for the project was PASSION. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was in a small group where we talked about "living fully"...well I'm going to do it passionately. I'm not going to obligate myself with blase projects, but only those I'm passionate and excited about. Yes, I will still be cleaning house, but that's different!

So my friends, no matter what you do, go at it with passion - whether you quilt, garden, paint, write, cook, bake, compose, sing, decorate, arrange flowers, or set a pretty table - do so passionately and see your gifts come to life!