Monday, August 24, 2009

Pop o' Color

I recently painted a bedroom all white. I know, it looks yellow in the pic, but it really is white. I added white bedding and white curtains. What was I thinking?! Peaceful - sanctuary like, that's what. It did need something, though. I went through some scraps and chose 9 warm colors (oranges, yellows, pinks) and 9 cool colors (purples, greens, black & whites). I did a quick machine quilting in a radiating pattern and added a button to the center. It just wouldn't be complete without a few beads added on top of the button. Yup - I got my Pop O' Color!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heartfelt Group Effort

At the first retreat at Waterfall Mountain this past March, the group decided to do a wall quilt for the center's owner. Our theme had been heart's desire - and yes! The hanging is of mostly hearts. Each person did a square and signed their name to it. Grace generously and masterfully put them together using sashes and borders. Jean quilted it. Joan, not even part of this group, graciously sewed on the binding. I then hand sewed the binding down and sent it off to Amy. It was so much fun to hear her squeal with deslight! (I do have a better pic, just saw it the other day, but just can't seem to locate it on the 'ol compputer.) The quilt now hangs at the center and I cannot wait to go see it in its new home. Unfortunately, that won't be until 2010, but it is sure to be a treat. Thank you ladies for so generously giving of yourselves. Quilters' generous hearts never cease to amaze me!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goin' Crazy Again!

It took me forever to do my crazy quilt so I thought that I would never do one again. The first was no sooner finished when I began the second! This is a color coordinated crazy quilt with the same base pattern on all squares. The embellishments are also coordinated. It will be a wall hanging for a bedroom. So here is a peek at a few of the finished squares.