Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Joyful Task

My 95-year old mother in law "tasked" me with making her a lap quilt. I immediately bought the fabric and went to work. I just didn't like the results, so on a Friday, I bought more fabric. The goal was for it to be bright (her eyesight is no longer 100 percent) and to cover her lap to her toes. On Thursday I delivered it! Choosing batik fabrics was definitely the ticket. The best part was seeing how surprised and pleased she was. Definitely a chocolate moment!


~Elyse~ said...

Aw, Grandma looks really good there. Nice quilt, good job Mom!!

k.grace howes said...

Hey Joyce, way to go on starting a blog. You'll soon become as addicted to then as I am. And looks like the quilt was a hit!

Diane said...

Looks good !