Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Patient Craft

Uncle Jasper, my husband's sister's husband, is one of those men who can tell a story, or "spin a yarn," like no other. My son especially, can listen to his storytelling all day. Always amusing and interesting. Now retired, Jasper has built himself a super man cave in the form of a large barn where he "piddles" with various projects. He recently gave my husband some of the arrowheads he had fashioned from stone and glass - he very patiently sits and grinds and shapes each one until it is just the right shape. As most treasures of this kind, it was headed for Bob's dresser drawer. I couldn't help think that this would be such a shame, so I mounted them on velvet and placed them in a frame so we can hang it on a wall for us to admire whenever we pass it by. We are honored to have these treasures, and best of all, it will always bring to mind Uncle Jasper (we don't get to see him too often as he lives in Alabama). Can't you just hear him telling one of his tales as he painstakingly crafts an arrowhead?!

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