Monday, June 8, 2009

Back in Clay

I haven't "played in clay" in a very long time. I have a small handbuilding room and my own kiln, but I just haven't been inspired to go in there and and get my hands dirty. My friend Diane has a handbuilding studio, , that I went to several Monday evenings. I built many things but am pleased with just a few. I made this textured vessel and love the earthy, primitive glaze.

Because I spend most of my creative time quilting, I thought buttons might be fun and I could incorporate my two crafts. I really like the larger one. This was experimentation and I'm looking forward to making lots of buttons using different techniques and glazes, especially now I have an idea of how they'll come out.
The best part about the time spent at the studio was the fellowship with other crafters. Three that were there were new to clay and it was so much fun to see their joy when crafting their creations. One young gal was a professional potter, having honed her skills in college. Much could be learned from both her talents and cheerfulness. Thanks to Diane for opening her studio for a fun experience!


~Elyse~ said...

Love the buttons, I'm going to need you to make me some!

delanequilts said...

Love the buttons! I didn't know you worked in clay.

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

These are just beautiful, Joyce. I didn't know you were a ceramicist, either!