Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Very Giving Effort

For some time my friend Jean had a vision of starting a quilting group at church. She would teach the ladies how to quilt and then they would make donation quilts. What a delight to have seen this vision become a reality. The group meets twice a month for almost a full day. Some had not quilted before. Jean is not only extremely talented, but a patient and gifted teacher. A fabric company donated many yards of fabric and they all got to work.

The presentation at church one Sunday was quite impressive.

Unfortunately due to my work schedule, I cannot join this group, but I can encourage them, applaud them and pray for them as they continue to make another great batch of cheerful and beautiful quilts.

The beautiful quilts have made their way to Hospice and will soon bless patients. Hopefully the quilts will both warm their bodies and warm their hearts. I know they did mine.


~Elyse~ said...

I love that big bear one!

Loveday's Day said...

OH! How wonderful. I agree with Elyse. Love the bear one. I wish I lived closer, so I could learn

Khris said...

What a wonderful group there and what wonderful quilts they have made to give to such good cause...hugs Khris in Oz