Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Too Cute!

A while back a skinny little white kitty showed up in our yard. We fed him a can of tuna, but he was still a bit skiddish. He came back a week later, but all we had was a can of anchovies. Well, he wasn't all too enthused about it, but did eat a bit and let us pet him a bit. Next day I bought some cat food and we had a bowl ready to fill for when he showed up again. Today the weather was great and "Snow" finally showed up again. Bob immediately fed him the cat food which Snow chowed down. Bob petted him and played with him a bit and got some great pics of the cat up in a shrub. I sure hope he comes back this weekend while I'm home. He's definitely not well fed and we'll gladly adopt him as an outside cat. Now really, isn't he just too cute?!


elizabeth said...

Is he all white? Love the name snow.

Christine said...

He is sooo cute! I hope you get to adopt him!