Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Christmas Baby

Back in October I posted about a cute little stray that started coming around. He (or she?) was quite skittish and not a regular. Well, after some vary cold, harsh, wet weather, "Snow" is here to stay! Two kinds of cat food are in the cupboard and a jar of treats on the kitchen counter. He has full access to our screened in porch and a little "house" to protect him from the harsh weather. And yes, I broke down this weekend and let him into the house a bit. Now it will be off to the vet for shots and spaying or neutering. I'm glad to say that he's not so skinny anymore and has gotten so friendly now that he knows he can trust us and count on us for food and shelter. We really didn't want another pet, but he is just so sweet and we are such big saps! Merry Christmas Snow, you have a home.


Quilt Hollow said...

I found your blog just moments ago and ready your kitty story...went back a few post to read about tuna and anchovies. I'm smiling inside...if you only knew my kitty story of Meowzer and my securing the deal for him to stay when I popped open that first can of tuna! He became ours and slept inside the garage at night. Every now and then he would come in but was already an outdoor kinda guy. We had Meowzer about three years before he went missing last Spring. I miss him terribly and really can't get another as hubby is allergic to them.
I read your blog comments about SNOW and it sounds like my writings. I too am in NC.

Loveday's Day said...

I'm so glad snow came back. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Talk to you soon.

Love you!