Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not a Secret Anymore

I finally got a second quilt made for my son. He wanted something bigger than the last one that he could put on his sofa.  And voila!  It was originally intended for last Christmas, buy hey - he didn't know that last Christmas!  It's all batiks from my stash - wow!  So my doesn't my stash of batiks look any smaller?  As a quilting buddy of mine says, "this stuff just keeps on having babies!"
Each strip was cut individually because I was working from small pieces and each side of each crazy log cabin was a different size.  There are also some rows of 1" squares and the border is in 1" squares. I wish you could see the quilting. (If you double click on the pic, it should enlarge and you can see some of the stitching) A long arm quilter custom quilted it and it is really amazing.  Merry Christmas son!

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