Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lampshade Dress Up

For quite some time now I've wanted to dress up a lamp shade for our guest room.  My daughter did one from the Pretty Ditty blog (  Once my husband did the math, it wasn't hard at all! It was especially fun going through stash to pick out the 8 different print fabrics I used.  I decided to use a black and white for the top and bottom bias finished edge and liked the look.  What would I change? If I were to do another, I would add more sections.  This was not really specified in the tutorial.  I used 8 sections on a small lamp shade.  I wish I had used 10. Other than that, I love it and it really looks good with the light on - bright and fun!

1 comment:

~Elyse~ said...

Very pretty! With one of my fav collections. Dad's always good for the math portion...