Friday, July 15, 2011

Back to the Garden

Up until a few years ago, I spent very much of my "disposable" time in the garden.  On my days off it was not unusual for me to be out there from sunup to sundown. Then, my gardening gene seemed to have shut down. Maybe it was the droughts, excessive heat, or the voles that plagued my hostas, wiping out a whole bed in  just a few days. I also started to quilt more about that time, replacing one passion for another.
This past year my husband put a sprinkler system in the front yard. Wow! That has really made a difference.  No more lugging around heaving hoses, and rearranging them every hour.  Now with just the flip of a switch or two, I have zones I can water. We've also been blessed with a fair amount of rain this year.
As for the voles, our cat has eliminated over 50 - yes, 50! But the varmints continue to plague the hostas. Just this morning I found 6 mutilated hostas.  I have not given up yet.  I'm working on a new strategy and will give it another go in the fall or spring when I can find a couple of large varieties on sale.



So please, come into my garden. Enjoy the daylilies, phlox and big elephant ears. Sit on the glider in the back yard for a while and enjoy the peacefulness of the fern bed. I'm so glad to be back to the garden.

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