Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Quilt, New Baby

Welcome to Madison Faith Coleman, my great niece. I've done a quilt for each of my sister's grandchildren - hopefully they won't have too many! This one is called "Cuddle Bugs", because there are just the cutest little bugs on the fabric. She was born in November, so at least I wasn't too tardy. My daughter's baby quilt turned in to her "10 year old quilt", and I haven't heard the last of it yet. The piecing was easy and I did a fair amount of handquilting using pearl cotton. Madison also has a cute little older sister, Ella, who is three. The sad part is that I have not met either one of them yet, but hope to in 2009.

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Loveday's Day said...

Beautiful as usual. You make such beautiful quilts. Love ya.