Saturday, March 20, 2010


And OH! what a glorious day it has been. Temp in the 70's, sun shining. Greeting me out the front door this morning were the daffodils in full bloom. I sure hope they stay around for a while. They are just an undescribable treat.

We took a trip to West Jefferson in the mountains, about a 2 hour drive. I wanted to check out the various shops, galleries and restaurants there. This is such a quaint little town and they are doing such a nice job in refurbishing. There were several painted outdoor walls - I've shown just a couple here. I got to see some very nice pottery, paintings and visited a lovely yarn shop. I treated myself to a small bag of pretty roving for my next felting project.

We had lunch at the town park and check out what was piled in the parking lot - dirty, filthy snow! The NC mountains had a pretty rough winter and this is staying around for a while as a reminder. There was also tremendous tree damage done from ice this past winter. It was enough to break one's heart.

It was a fun little day trip and I would recommend it to anyone who ventures to that area.

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