Monday, March 2, 2009

Poor 'Lil Daffodils

My favorite season in my yard is when the daffodils are in bloom. There is an army of daffodils in my front yard and it always brings me such joy. Now here we are with snow in March! Poor 'lil things. Many are covered completely. I just hope the bloom isn't lessened and when the snow melts, they will "spring" back to their glory. The good news - the leaves I sitll haven't cleared are also covered! It's supposed to be 65 degrees by Friday. Hopefully the daffodils will once again take their regal place in the yard, and maybe, just maybe, I'll get out there and clear all those nasty leaves!


Loveday's Day said...

We had a little snow Sunday morning. Not as much as you guys though. Stay warm.

FreeSpirit Fabric said...

That's so sad! I saw a lot of flowers like that today while I was braving the weather...