Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Too Much Fun!

A group of us went on a quilt retreat to the Waterfall Retreat Center in Warrensville, NC this past weekend. What a blast! Is is possible to have too much fun? We just might have! There was conversation, eating, sewing, eating, laughing, eating, knitting, eating, sharing, and did I mention eating?

Jean is being so very accurate as she works on a quilt for her spring grandchild. Jean also prepared some amazing meals for the group. If you see her, ask her to do her Utz commercial and jingle!

And Michelle is so proud showing off her little green sewing machine to Grace.

Mary Jo finished her doggie quilt for Sam. Lucky dog!

Marianne has a quiet contemplative moment crocheting.

So much was done - sewing, journal making, doll making, cutting, knitting, crocheting, stamp carving, and sketching!

We definitely created to our heart's desire - well, maybe - we're already planning the next retreat!

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Loveday's Day said...

You guys looked like you had a blast. I go in May for my scrapbooking weekend. See you in June hopefully!