Monday, November 15, 2010

Modeling Chocolate

A new medium! After watching 2 seasons of "Cake Boss" on Netflix, I had to try this. Much to my delight, you don't have to buy something expensive and premixed. You mix your own (recipe) using chocolate and Karo Syrup! I had the perfect opportunity to use it on a birthday cake for a fellow quilter who was turning 50. Not bad for a first try, althouth I think I made it a bit stiffer than it needed to be.  I scored it into squares using a pointed wheel tool, "painted' the squares using two colors - I used "pearl dust". DO NOT use liquid food coloring - it reacts badly with the chocolate. I then cut out a "5" and "0", placed it on the quilt and placed the whole piece on the cake. I then modeled some buttons and placed those on the side of the cake.  I was pleased with the result. Admittedly amateur - but a whole lot of fun!  See the needle and thread? The needle was a toothpick with a thin covering of the chocolate and a slit in the chocolate to look like the eye of the needle. Writing gel was used for the "thread." 
   The next family birthday cake is going to be such fun!

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