Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Time to Sew Retreat! Part I

This past weekend 12 women joined me at a log cabin house on Lake Norman to sew, sew, sew! Aren't they just the serious bunch? Serious about their sewing that is. Miles and miles of thread were used and many pieces of fabric were cut up and put back together! I was totally amazed at not only how much they accomplished, but how wonderful their quilts, bags, tablerunners, etc. were! To be sure, though, there was much laughing to go along with all the work. I think sleep was the one thing that there was not a whole lot of. That's okay, we can sleep at home ladies, but on retreat we sew!

Michele appears to be singing a great sewing song!

Deanna is "manipulating" one of her creations.

This was Camille's 1st retreat - the girl sewed to 3 AM!

Liz had a hard time leaving that machine - the did sew a mighty bunch!

Cindy and Laurie are very serious about their ironing.

A LOT of cutting was done this weekend - I think we solved a few of the world's problems while we were at it!

Tomorrow I'll post Part II!

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